About Registration and Your Membership

  • How do I add a shortcut to Thanks From PV on my mobile phone?

    For Android Users:
    Click this link and tap on "Add To Home Screen". Then, click "Install" to add an app icon to your mobile device.

For iPhone Users:

Ensure that you are using Safari to visit your account. Tap on the ‘Share’ icon on the browser’s URL. Then select ‘Add To Homescreen’ to add an app icon to your mobile phone.


  • I already signed up for an account in-store. How do I use it for online purchases? 

    Log in and complete your account set-up by adding your email address to your profile here.

    This will ensure any points earned from online orders are synced to the account you signed up in-store. Once you are ready to place your order online, be sure to log into your Thanks From PV account via our website using the same email address, or check out your order with the email registered.

    You will now also earn points for all future online orders as long as they are placed with this email address. 


  • How do I update my personal details?

    You can do so either through our WebApp on your mobile phone or a via browser. To access your profile via our WebApp, tap on your WebApp’s followed by ‘More’ and ‘Personal Details’; here you will be able to update your email address and/or phone number.

    Alternatively, ensure that you are logged in and tap here to update your profile details via a web browser. 
  • How do I reach the ‘Many Thanks’ tier? 

In order to qualify for the 'Many Thanks' tier, you will need to have placed $750 (or more) worth of orders in the last 180 days. Your 'Many Thanks' tier membership will last for 180 days and will allow you to enjoy a special selection of perks as a gesture of appreciation from us.


  • How do I maintain my 'Many Thanks’ status?

Your 'Many Thanks' tier membership will last for 180 days from the date you qualify for it (which will also be your anniversary date). In this period, simply place $750 (or more) worth of orders to extend your ‘Many Thanks’ tier membership for another 180 days.


  • I don’t wish to receive notifications from Thanks From PV - is it possible to opt out?

    Sure, although we would certainly be sad to see you go. To opt out of Thanks From PV, you can tap on this link to unsubscribe from all future communications.

    Your Thanks From PV account will, however, continue to accumulate points each time you place an order online (using your Thanks From PV account email) or in-store (if you provide the us with your mobile number at the time of your order) - in case you ever change your mind and would like to continue enjoying your rewards.